Duck Pony Snails and a Goat, Oh My!

O.K. I’ve never considered myself to be the brightest crayon in the box and there are some decisions that make me call my sanity into question. I’ve always been an animal lover. Not a bad thing you say, but wait til you hear my tale before you pass judgement. I’ve had many pets. A variety of members of the rodent family (this belongs in the insanity column) several types of birds, including a chicken and a duck, fish, turtles and when my kids were young a horse and a pony were part of our family. Most recently I had a group ( gaggle, herd, pride or whatever) of snails. Plain old garden variety, in fact my 10 year old grandson caught them in the garden. An amazing fact about snails is the amount of food they consume. Three small snails ate a medium dinner salad each day, they also grow quickly and were soon three very large snails. Another most definant listing for the insanity column was when I agreed to give a home to an unwanted goat. Soon learned why she was unwanted. She not only  taxed my patience but almost pushed my love of animals over a cliff. However since she generated hatred in everyone in my close circle of family and friends I felt duty bound to develop a lukewarm , begrudging like for her and tended to her needs. I was giddy with joy, when some months later someone took her off my hands and amazed I didn’t have to pay them booty. They say with age comes wisdom and from my meager supply comes this advice, never adopt a goat and if in a moment of complete mental shut down you do, don’t transport them in the back of your suv. Goat urine smells super nasty and is really, really hard to get rid of.


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4 responses to “Duck Pony Snails and a Goat, Oh My!

  1. There's a frog on my Sprocket!

    Animals… Are adorable from a distance. I commend you for your caring for them.

  2. Your last line had me in stitches! Thanks!

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