Journey,Bucket List and Love

My decision to start a blog was in part inspired by the movie ” Bucket List” along with my view of life as a journey. You see my journey has been long in years but short in distance. I still live in the south-western state where my life began some 7 decades ago , so I will hopefully expand my world and enjoy new adventures via these pages.

I married at the age of 18,  wow what was I thinking, but love trumps all and perhaps against all odds we where together for 45 yrs.  If I was asked the secret to a forever marriage I guess I’d say marry your best friend. It was so much fun. Some other points of advice that come to mind are; you don’t need to use 5lbs. of potatoes for a dinner for 2, never tell a 6ft.4 guy to hang pictures at eye level and never forget how to laugh at yourself and each other. Though he has been with God for seven and a half years, he can still make me laugh. And I know he would get a good chuckle from the idea of me blogging, and then look over my shoulder and make suggestions on what I should say but scoff at the any thought that he could do one of his own. We were blessed with 3 kids and 2 grandkids who we both love dearly. I’m so grateful for them, and for the great ‘daddy and ‘papa’ he was to them. Do I miss him ? Of course. Have I found a way to be happy and enjoy life without him here? Yes, for to do otherwise would dishonor his memory, and besides that he would be really mad at me if I moped around being sad.

Anyway this is just a short introduction and the start of one of my bucket list items. I will jump ahead here and tell you the last thing on my list is to kneel at the Throne of my Lord when He says it’s time for me to come home, and I know that one is a sure thing. The rest between here and there are like my journey so far, ever-changing ,hopefully full of surprises, joy and love.























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5 responses to “Journey,Bucket List and Love

  1. There's a frog on my Sprocket!

    This made me smile… Not always an easy task. Hope to read much more soon. Inspiring for anyone who might think that true love is out there somewhere… Keeps us young ladies hoping

    • Thanks Alison. If I may add, I met my husband in church, not that true love can’t be waiting around the next corner, but a shared faith is a wonderful foundation to build on.

      • There's a frog on my Sprocket!

        Christ as the corner stone of the church built upon the rock, leaves little to be desired in this life. I’m certain that love may be found other places but only that found centered around the corner stone of life can last forever. Just my opinion but I don’t think relationships can flourish without a common foundation… But I’ve never been even on a date so… I’m talking of that which I know nothing.

      • Ah but you do know a great deal! The truth your heart knows through God is true even if you have yet to experience some of lifes’ tradictions, like dating. Always trust that still small voice He guides us with.

      • There's a frog on my Sprocket!

        Aww your too kind… This quite intelligible man who has some authority from God or at least the church… Tells me that I have a special relationship and understanding of God and will someday need to share it.
        All I know is God loves me.
        Oh, and I really am not good at making eye contact. Off subject but whatever.
        Anyways thanks for your kindness and great posts

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