Small Town Happiness

I love living in a small town. Sure there are some positives city living offers that we don’t have but the city is just 2 hours away so I can have best of both worlds. Saturday evening , at the urging of my kids, I went to a fund-raising event at a local bistro that is a nice stroll from my house. Tree lined Main St. in our neighborhood is a mixture of homes and small businesses. I pass a cafe, bike shop, art gallery, florist and community theater  as well as older homes and a neat little park that the bistro is across from. But the thing I love most is how my town cares for its’ own. The fund-raiser was for a young woman who is battling breast cancer. There  were  games on the patio, raffle, silent auction, kissing booth, pie auction, food and drinks and music. The crowd was young and old and all ages in between. Standing room only . A wonderful moment in our vast world, so fills me with joy to know events like this are taking place all across our globe. The reported news can often cause a feeling of dismay so I learned a great lesson Saturday night to get out there and find the happy!


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4 responses to “Small Town Happiness

  1. My wife wants your life! Just sayin’…

  2. There's a frog on my Sprocket!

    Hearts grow bigger in smaller spaces… There is a small town in northern Sweden that is quite amazing. All care for each other and make sure that trolls don’t get anyone. The goblin king is the real danger, but fret not a group who stands together is pretty strong even against the Goblin king.
    Great post forgive my rambling of Svenska lore…

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