Rabbit Cats and Dogs

Continuing on the subject of my love of animals. We also had a white rabbit at one time. It  arrived unexpectedly on our door step one Easter morn as a gift for my daughter, who was 3 at the time. A surprise from a so called friend (don’t ever, ever do this type of thing to the parents of a young child unless you have no fear of spells and curses). Said daughter instantly fell in love with the little bit of white fluff, as did our poodle, Phoebe. I felt betrayed by the dog because I hoped she would be my way out of the fix, not by eating the bunny, but as an excuse not to keep it if she was ‘unhappy’. So Sneezy ( so named for the obvious reason) settled in as the newest member of the family. He was fairly easy to care for except for a problem with his teeth that required dental visits to the vet; I kid you not.

I have had a few cats and find them to be quite agreeable with their independent airs, but my heart is very taken with dogs. They are loyal, loving and completely accepting of our crazy human ways as long as they are treated with kindness and affection. I prefer not to examine my need to have a dog to nurture and love, after all I have 3 children and 2 grandchildren and have provided babysitting service to numerous other kiddos over the years. So one would think that my mothering instinct should be fulfilled. Maybe therapy is in order. (shrug).

I’ve had purebreds and mutts, large and small, smart and not so much so, each special in his or her own way. To tell the tale of each would take to long for this format, suffice to say they are all missed. Yet another reason to question the balance of my mind, we outlive our pets, so many good-byes (sigh). However here I am at 70 with my current canine kid. She is a red-bone hound ,beautiful auburn coat,long velvet ears and goofy personality. She makes me laugh….


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2 responses to “Rabbit Cats and Dogs

  1. There's a frog on my Sprocket!

    A life shared with furry friends most cute =)

  2. My daughter has a dog and three birds. I have a love/hate relationship with all four…

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