Searching for Answers

My husband really enjoyed cold beer. He would usually have one or two every evening before dinner. I have never cared for the taste of it  but didn’t mind if he downed a few. But on occasion we could have a slight difference of opinion on his inflexibility.

One evening when we had dinner plans with friends, hubby comes home and as usual goes straight to the fridge and pops the top on a can before planting a hello kiss on my cheek. I’m o.k. with this. I’m really pretty easy-going and low maintenance (most of the time). We chat about our day and I remind him of the dinner plans. He finishes his beer , then heads for the fridge. I say,

“Uh, we are suppose to meet them at seven.”

He sits the unopened can on the counter, picks up his empty and peers into the hole in the top. Then giving me a boyish grin, opens the fresh beer and sits down at the kitchen table once more.

“What’s that about?” I ask with a frown on my face and in my voice.

He gives me the grin again,and says,

“Just looking for the answer. Wasn’t in the bottom of that one.” and tips the new can to his lips.

“You’re an idiot” I exclaim,feeling really irritated as I glance at the wall clock.

“But when I find the answer then I won’t be an idiot any more” he chuckles and winks.

I state the obvious, ” It’s six o;clock”.

His grin grows bigger, as if to say wow you’ve found the answer, then another wink.

Darn, I’m done in by his charm. But two can play this game! I flutter my lashes and perch on his knee. Snuggling against his face I whisper,

” I thought I was your answer.”

He stares into my eyes for a heart beat , then we both start to laugh. I scoot off his lap , he hands me the half finished beer,  slaps my bottom and heads for the shower.

If you read my first post you know I was married to this man forty-five years. Did we disagree and argue at times? Sure. Did they always resolve themselves this easily? Course not. But most did, so we where able to come through the harder times because we both knew we could laugh away the little stuff and that the bigger things didn’t have to be the end of our world if we refused to let them be. I think it came down to our friendship, faith, and love for one another. He continued to peek into empty beer cans but I know he had ” the answer” all along.




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  1. There's a frog on my Sprocket!

    I love this, I wish and hope to someday have someone to share little things with. I know life is a journey, I really think its about who you journey through it with.

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