Mondays Can Be Great

Mondays are greatly maligned, and often rightly so. I have had my share of them that fit the  stereotype that cause them to be the most dreaded day of our weeks. However there are Mondays like today, a bright golden bit of pure perfection. I hope your Monday was at least o.k., if not I hope my little story can bring a smile or two.

I tend my ten-year old grandson when his parents are working. I started this labor of love when he was six months old. At that time I had two part-time jobs which I was very willing to abandon. What a marvelous adventure it has proved to be. I call him Super G-son.

Super-Gs’ parent divorced a few years ago. They share custody, so he’s one week at moms’ , next at dads’. My ex son-in-law and I remained friends so I have continued my nanny duties at both homes. Works well for all.

Super-Gs’ dad works for a broadcasting company that has several radio stations in the central region of our state. His company is very involved in community service in all the small towns they reach. Today was the turkey drive for the up-coming Thanksgiving holiday. So dad was at one of the several locations doing remote cast to encourage donations, which meant he got home several hours later than usual.

I picked Super-G up from school at 3:00 and we went to dads’. We had a free afternoon ahead of us, as football season is over and his basketball team hasn’t started having practices yet. This is an unusual treat for both of us. He is a very busy kid, sports,chess and computer club and various other activities keep us on the go. Nice to have some unstructured time.

First surprise was his excited reaction to a sewing kit I had bought for he and his dad. They live in a  typical  men only household and it has been an ongoing routine if they lose a button or have a small tear in a garment to ask me to bring my sewing basket next time I come over. So when I saw the little travel sewing kits on a bargain table I got one for them. First thing Super-G  asked if he could cut a hole in his shirt so he could mend it. With a gasp I made it very clear that he was not to do that. So he searched through his closet until he found a shirt with a small seam rip and was quite pleased with fixing it. Next he informed me that dad had given him permission to fix dinner for me. First came homework and some video game time. Then he got busy in the kitchen. They had chicken breast already stuffed with cheese and breaded in the fridge. He started getting other ingredients out as well as pots and pans. I was fluttering around, intending to supervise and well, maybe help a little. But Super-G most politely ordered me out of the kitchen. I nervously listened from the next room to the clank of spoons against pots, water being turned on and off, the fridge and oven doors opening and closing. Have to confess I peeked around the doorway a few times. And ala, about sixty minutes later I was served angel hair pasta with garden veggie sauce and parmesan chicken and a glass of Dr. Pepper. It was delicious! So that was my Monday. When I left for home, dad was eating a late dinner of leftovers and Super-G was mending a pair of dads’ old jeans that had a torn pocket. Perfect!!









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4 responses to “Mondays Can Be Great

  1. There's a frog on my Sprocket!

    My Grandmother spends a lot of time with my cousins, sadly I have never had a lot of time with her. My granddad has however attempted to over come this by showing me a bit of favoritism.
    Your grandson is fortunate!

  2. Looks like Gordon Ramsay is going to have some serious competition in the future! Can you imagine Super-G on a TV show where he’s cooking and sewing a patch on his long johns at the same time – that show’s ratings would go through the roof! Sounds like a great kid, I’m sure he’ll do well in life.

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