Chistmas Is Coming!!

I’m officially in the Christmas spirit. Just got home from watching our small towns’ 59th annual Christmas Parade. Oh yes it is still called a Christmas Parade; we have not been bitten by the PC bug as of yet. Not that we are an insular community, to the contrary, our populus is quite diverse for a small town. We have respect for each others culture and traditions and have a live and let live attitude as long as no one is being harmful.

This years theme was “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. The floats and costumes were outstanding. Lots of green faced Grinches and sweet-faced Cindy Lou Whos with elaborate hair-dos. All the schools had entry’s, the marching band of our only high-school, sports teams and cheer squads. Girl and Boy Scouts, zumba dancers, ballet and gymnastics clubs, Yavapai-Apache Native American group in traditional dress, equestrian riders and horse-drawn carriages, wagons and one stage-coach. This is just a sampling as there were over a hundred entrys.

The parade participants toss candy and small trinkets to the children lining the route to watch. Business entrants hand out coupons and samples as they roll by. The air of festivity is accented by music and the tinkle of jingle bells. All together a wonderful event!

The most meaningful thing for me is the feeling of familiarity and continuity. Seeing the young women that were in Scouts with my daughter years ago who are Troup leaders today. Santa (who is my pharmacists) calling my name and warning me to be good because he is watching. My grandsons teacher saying “Merry Christmas, Nicks’ Grandma” and my little grand-niece’s sweet call of “Hey Auntie Carol” as she marched proudly by with her pre-school class . I was standing next to a teacher from the high-school and some of the  big burly football players broke ranks to come give her a hug. One more reason I love living in this small town.

Now I can get out my gingerbread scented candles, fill a bowl with pine cones and peppermint candy canes , and start decking my halls because the Season of joy and Good News has officially began for me.

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