Greetings By Mail

I love buying greeting cards and can spend a shameful amount of time looking for the perfect one. This isn’t a problem for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. because then I’m shopping for one person at a time. However with Christmas and other universal holidays it can become a real project. The boxed type are o.k. for some on my list but for most I must have a just right individual card from the rack. So while popping into market just to get food for hound, what is the first thing I encounter front and center just inside the door, a large display of Christmas cards. I’m completely aware of marketing strategies and all that, but who could resist the allure of the bright colors, sparkly glitter, shiny foil, and bits of ribbon there on display. I was in quite a hurry, so told myself I’d just glance at a few and return when I had more time. Now I feel ashamed of my next actions, for mind you hound was at home waiting for her supper, still I spent over half an hour looking at the cards, selecting first one then another, putting some back when I discovered another that was just too perfect to pass up. Finally I pulled myself away with five cards in my hand and hurried to the pet aisle where I got kibbles, and out of guilt, a small bag of special treats. Exiting the store I notice the temperature has dropped for the sun is completely behind the mountains. This gives me another pang of guilt because hound does not like the cold and I can picture her curled up on her pad on the porch waiting for me. Aw but I have purchased five beautiful greetings that contain just the right sentiment and that makes me smile.

So I say okay that’s a start and it’s just a five minute drive home. Trouble is all five cards are for the same person, my grand-daughter.


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3 responses to “Greetings By Mail

  1. Lucky grand-daughter or alternatively that’s the next five Christmas holidays (inclusive of this one) locked down for buying her a card, certainly a good way to plan ahead! Also I’m sure that pooch will have forgiven you by now, thanks to the treats!

  2. I have been sending my special someone a Christmas card a day since the day after Thanksgiving. People don’t send enough love in the mail, and they really ought to do it more often… I’ve got you beat as I’ve bought way more than 5 cards for the same person… 😀

  3. My wife has undertaken the challenge of sending “real cards” this year. You’re absolutely right about the sheer volume of work involved….
    And your granddaughter has been blessed, in my opinion.

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