….It’s Cold Outside

There are chills running up my spine. Goosebumps cover my skin. Gazing out my window it seems the whole world is weeping. No I am not experiencing some emotional upheaval; the first winter storm has arrived in Arizona. We have received only rain in the valley but the mountains that rim the bowl I live in are covered with snow. There is a brisk breeze stirring around so we actually have a wind chill factor. Our high sixties temps of yesterday have dropped to the high thirties range and this old thin blooded desert rat has trouble adjusting to such a quick change. Aw but it does add to the spirit of the season of Christmas. Hot chocolate tastes a little sweeter, the warmth from the oven as cookies bake feels more welcome, and soft sweaters are cozier. We can use mittens, mufflers and stocking caps for more than fashion. I love the comfortable fit of my fur-lined Bear Paws, and today I can wear them without my feet sweating. My friends in the far north may chuckle at thirty something degrees being wintry, but I’m delighted.
We rarely have snow in our valley and usually only a light dusting at that. But there has been those special mornings when we awake to a picture perfect Winter Wonderland so I will continue to dream and wish for a White Christmas.
I have added to my bucket list. I want to acquire the knowledge needed to post pics on my blog. Will have to pin down some kind soul with enough patience to teach me how this is done, just in case our Christmas is a snow covered-one. Most likely we will be tracking mud into the house, not snow, not sure if I would want pics of that :).
No matter if you are looking forward to a snowy holiday or sunny warm one on the beach I send wishes your way that yours will be perfect for you.

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