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Saturday Night Ramblings

It is dark thirty here in Arizona. After two days of steady soft kitten feet rain the clouds have moved on and a Cheshire Cat  moon is showing through the bare tree limbs. For reasons unknown it made me think of Mr. Bo Jingles and that lead to Irish jigs. My knees are a bit stiff from the damp cold so I shelved that idea but my brain is whirling like a kid on a merry-go-round so I’m going to just ramble along with tidbits of this and that.

I love snickerdoodles, peach colored nail polish and humming birds…. Fishing is a great way to find peace and restore my energy. I always catch and release. I can spend hours looking through a Pro-Bass catalog, also like the gift catalogs that come in the mail this time of year…. I dyed my white gym shoes hot pink in high school, this was back when tennies came in black or white only.P.E. teacher was not impressed, but rules for dress didn’t mention anything about shoe color..(they did the next year, heehee). In P.E. we learned a modern dance routine to the theme music of the old t.v. show, Peter Gunn. Don’t remember the name of the jazz piece, maybe one of you can help me with that…. Christmas songs and I share the same name, Carol. When I was little I thought they were named after me. Ever notice how most songs either make you really happy or really sad? Or is that just me?…My grandma made the best spiced peaches I ever tasted. She always had chickens, even when she lived in the city…. I love nesting dolls, candles, jig saw puzzles, bright-colored socks, and hand-made quilts. Oops maybe I’m sounding a bit too much like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music….Spanish donkeys are cute and fuzzy and as loyal as dogs. For some reason all the cats I had in the country liked to hang out with the horses, seemed unlikely friendships….You can color Easter eggs by wrapping them in yellow or purple onion skins tied on with string then boiling them . Other natural dyes are beet, tomato and carrot juice, just use a spoon of vinegar to set color…

Well dear reader thank you for perusing my ramblings, feel free to comment and send some of your ramblings my way.  🙂





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