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Unexpected Treasure

Life can be, and more often than not is amazing. I love the quirky little twists that catch me off guard in a delightful way. I experienced such a twist this morning.

I have a tendency to be clumsy, often spilling drinks, tripping over my own feet or dropping things. Today I dropped my keys. They bounced off the porch and behind a scrub that grows against the house. When I retrieved them I discovered a small hole in the foundation that is hidden by the bush. It’s an old house so I suppose some crumbling of concrete isn’t unusual but is worrisome.

Next to the visible part of the foundation damage was an unremarkable dull gray rock. I turned it over to see if it was hiding a bigger hole. That’s when it’s secret treasure was revealed. Embedded in that lumpy unattractive stone was a perfect fossil of a white shell, about the size of my palm. As I touched it gently I imagined the valley I live in filled with blue sea water as it was many, many ages ago. I pictured the creatures that would have swam in the depths of the water and wondered if ancient people would have cast primitive nets upon the surface to catch silvery fish to feed their families. I looked heaven ward at the scattered white clouds, knowing similar ones would have been reflected on the waters’ face on spring days. This sense of continuity is not only comforting on some deep human level but strengthens and confirms my faith in God who created it all and has watched over it for so, so long.

I placed the rock back, for sure enough it was hiding a bigger gap in the footing of my little cottage. When I get the repair done I will find a safe place for this unexpected treasure.



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