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Let’s Talk About Butterflies And Socks

Tonight I am plagued with some very puzzling questions. There is one that has bounced in and out of my mind for a very long time. In fact I included it in a poem I penned way back in the seventies.

~ During summer rains, where do butterflies hid ?~

I first began to contemplate this when working in my flower garden one August afternoon.  As is common in our valley several varieties of butterflies fluttered around, unmindful of me, they danced from flower to flower in the warm muggy air. We were in full monsoon season and huge thunderheads were building on the horizon. The wind was soon gusting and the clouds roiled ever higher in the sky. The first roll of thunder had barely faded when followed by a louder clap. Gathering garden tools and kids I retreated indoors. Lightening crackled and the thunder rattled the windows as the sky opened up. The rain came in a torrent, no gentle sprinkle building up to harder and harder, it poured as if the clouds were impatient to get rid of their load of liquid. In less than an hour the storm was gone just as quickly as it had arrived, moving south along the valley.

The kids were anxious to get back out, for there was large puddles calling to them that needed to be jumped in. They laughed with delight , splashing and romping with our Elk Hound pup, who loved rolling in the water. I first noticed the full rainbow arching across the mountains to the east, then the butterflies. They had resumed their darting ballet among the flowers, That was when the question hit me. Where did they hide during the storm?

~ Where are all the missing socks?~

Now I’m quite aware this is an often asked question. And is probably one that will never be solved to everyone’s satisfaction, but I have a couple of theories. But first a sub question; why just socks and less frequently gloves? Notice a pattern? Things that come in pairs. I don’t have missing undies, towels, shirts or pants. My pillow cases are all accounted for and dish clothes are staying put in their drawer. But socks are gone, never to be seen again, just vanished! As mentioned in an earlier post I love colorful socks so I have given this a lot of thought and have two possible explanations. First one may be scoffed at, well both may, especially by the scientific community.

I offer for your consideration my first theory. One legged gremlins. They steal one sock at a time, being single footed and non-greedy they never take a pair. My second idea is actually a mental picture that occurred after seeing an illustration of what our Earth would look like if sliced in half. It showed the different layers that make up our planet down to the most inner core. It was interesting and somewhat complex but what popped into my head was socks. What if the Earth’s core is made up of all the millions of missing socks? And new ones go missing everyday all across the globe because the core must be constantly replenished to keep the Earth from flying out of orbit. Mother Earth is just as ungreedy as gremlins would be, so again just one sock is taken from each pair. This theory has become my favored one because I am less upset by sacrificing my socks for the good of our planet than to a bunch of gremlins even if the poor things are handicapped. Hope that isn’t too unkind of me.

Hope you will offer your answers or theories to these questions. Also share any puzzles that rattle around in you mind.




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….It’s Cold Outside

There are chills running up my spine. Goosebumps cover my skin. Gazing out my window it seems the whole world is weeping. No I am not experiencing some emotional upheaval; the first winter storm has arrived in Arizona. We have received only rain in the valley but the mountains that rim the bowl I live in are covered with snow. There is a brisk breeze stirring around so we actually have a wind chill factor. Our high sixties temps of yesterday have dropped to the high thirties range and this old thin blooded desert rat has trouble adjusting to such a quick change. Aw but it does add to the spirit of the season of Christmas. Hot chocolate tastes a little sweeter, the warmth from the oven as cookies bake feels more welcome, and soft sweaters are cozier. We can use mittens, mufflers and stocking caps for more than fashion. I love the comfortable fit of my fur-lined Bear Paws, and today I can wear them without my feet sweating. My friends in the far north may chuckle at thirty something degrees being wintry, but I’m delighted.
We rarely have snow in our valley and usually only a light dusting at that. But there has been those special mornings when we awake to a picture perfect Winter Wonderland so I will continue to dream and wish for a White Christmas.
I have added to my bucket list. I want to acquire the knowledge needed to post pics on my blog. Will have to pin down some kind soul with enough patience to teach me how this is done, just in case our Christmas is a snow covered-one. Most likely we will be tracking mud into the house, not snow, not sure if I would want pics of that :).
No matter if you are looking forward to a snowy holiday or sunny warm one on the beach I send wishes your way that yours will be perfect for you.

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